Of course. You can always cancel your order before it ships. But unless you specifically requested to be billed prior to shipping, there will be no refund due to you, since we did not actually bill you.

When you placed your order, your credit card company was electronically notified that we MIGHT be billing you for the firearm. This is a preliminary step that all online merchants take, and it shows up on your Credit Card statement as Pending or as a Hold, depending on your particular bank.

Because we do not have the firearm in stock, and we do not actually bill you for it, this Pending transaction will expire, and any funds your bank has held in anticipation of the billing are released back into your account. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days … again, depending on your particular bank.

Although we don’t have much control over this process, it does assure that only people financially able to purchase a firearm can actually place an order and get in the queue with you for that particular model.

If this did not occur, given the current state of gun sales, the current queue you are in would  have many hundreds of additional orders, populated with people who may not be able to actually purchase the firearm.

This would significantly delay the time it takes to process and ship YOUR firearm.