A definitive ranking of every Girl Scout cookie flavor (and Thin Mints aren’t No. 1)

Girl Scout cookie season is HERE!

That’s right, time to start ordering all those boxes of delicious cookies to scarf down (or, pro tip, some are good out of the freezer!) in the coming weeks. Hopefully, supply chain issues won’t be a problem and you can get your favorite soon.

Speaking of which: It’s a good time as any to light the world on fire and give you the definitive ranking of the best flavors of cookies, at least as of 2022 per the Girl Scouts’ official website.

Let’s dive in, from worst to first (and sorry in advance, these are definitive, I don’t make the rules).


I’m not a huge “lemon or lime in desserts unless it’s Key Lime Pie” guy. And given all the other awesome flavors, why would you go with these first?

But there are people out there who disagree!


Only slightly better because they’re glazed and they have inspiring messages on them.


Don’t hate. Toffee is underrated, gluten free isn’t a problem, but again: There are better flavors ahead.

Caramel Chocolate Chip

It’s not the Gluten free thing again, but if you wanted chocolate chip cookies, maybe you’d look elsewhere?


No offense to shortbread, which is delicious. But in a world with so many more intricate flavors, this one’s a little too plain to be ranked higher.


SPOILER: You’re going to see peanut butter play a big role later on in this list. My thing here is: If you’re going the PB route, the other PB cookie on this list is much, much better.


Per the Scouts: “Indulgent brownie-inspired cookies topped with caramel flavored crème with a hint of sea salt.”

I’m going to admit I have not tried these yet. But now I really want to.


Who doesn’t love French toast flavors in a cookie?

Girl Scout S’mores

I had my doubts. S’mores are awesome, but in cookie form? They didn’t disappoint.


I know this is the one that might get a lot of angry tweets and emails sent my way.

But I’d rather have some of the cookies above than one sprinkled with coconut. There, I said it.

Thin Mints

These are the ones you stick in the freezer. And I know this is the one many call the GOAT. It’s just that there’s one flavor combo that tops chocolate and mint.

Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties)

Let’s break it down: Not only do you have the chocolate and peanut butter combination that is, to this point, undefeated. you have the crunch of the crispy cookie to finish it all off. A perfect bite, every time.

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