Dead Space Remake devs listened to fans and made the guns sound less dinky

Dead Space 2

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Dead Space Remake developer Motive updated the effects for the horror shooter’s iconic plasma cutter and pulse rifle after some fans thought they sounded a little dinky at a recent audio showcase

dead_space_remake_update_from_motive_audio from r/DeadSpace

The studio showed off the freshly adjusted sounds in a recent Reddit post. The plasma cutter has regained a lot of its bass and sounds much less like someone stepping on an apple. They also fixed the bizarre, arm-shattering recoil animation present in the last video, which helps sell the gun as a whole. The difference in the pulse rifle is even more pronounced. The version shown off during the audio reveal stream sounds like a submachine gun with an oddly cute pop to it, but the new changes have given it the weight and thump of a much heavier weapon.

“When we showed you the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle not everyone was sold on it, and there were a handful of criticisms that felt they could still be better,” Motive says. “We believe that the feedback given was definitely valid and reading the comments on what was highlighted, we made a few modifications that we think improves it!”

Motive is quick to caution fans that these guns are still a work in progress, as is the whole dang game. In a similar vein, perhaps to address lingering concerns that the remake looked a bit too bright for a horror game during the March stream – which wasn’t really about lighting or environments, to be fair – the studio says it has an art showcase planned for May. 

A now-confirmed report gives the Dead Space Remake an updated release date of early 2023. 

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