GameStop’s best early Black Friday deals: games, accessories, and more

GameStop’s Black Friday sales have begun, kicking off huge savings on digital and physical copies of games, gaming keyboards, and headsets for their lowest prices ever. There are even a number of excellent promotions that are of great value, whether you’re trying to snag a new console or build out your existing library.

Of course, GameStop isn’t the only place with the best Black Friday deals, so make sure to check out our ever-expanding guide to Black Friday, as well as our retailer and brand-specific pages if you’re looking to cash in on more great savings.


Xbox All Access is a program that’s been offered by Microsoft before but represents a unique opportunity for anyone that’s still trying to score an Xbox Series X or Series S. This package includes a new console and controller, as well as a 24-month subscription to GamePass Ultimate and EA Play. Instead of paying a lump sum, however, you apply for a limited line of credit, essentially turning your new console into a subscription service that you pay off over the course of 24 months without interest. The total cost for the Series X service is $840 ($35 a month), while the Series S will cost $600 ($25 a month).

Full disclosure: if all of this is starting to sound like a credit check, that’s because it basically is. Applying for GamePass requires you to disclose your social security number and annual income for approval, and even then, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a console. However, from a value standpoint, the deal is solid. All of the services, when paired with the hardware, don’t cost any more than they would if you purchased them individually — the program just gives you the option of paying in installments.

Xbox All Access

An installment plan offered through Microsoft and Citizen One, Xbox All Access includes an Xbox console of your choice, as well as a 24-month subscription to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

For anyone that prefers gaming with a little more paper, GameStop is offering a buy two, get one free deal on tons of Magic: The Gathering products. This offer applies to bundles, booster packs, gift boxes, and commander decks while they last. The prices for these products remain unchanged, but this promo can net you a discount of up to $42, depending on what you buy.

Magic: The Gathering

A limited promotion at GameStop is offering Magic: The Gathering sets for buy two, get one free. This offer applies to any Magic products they currently have in stock.

We wholeheartedly stand by Xbox GamePass Ultimate as one of the best values in gaming, and while subscriptions to this awesome service are frequently discounted, GameStop currently has three-month subscriptions available for just $25. This is the lowest price we’ve seen, so now would be a good time to stock up. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate doesn’t just give you access to a rotating library of games for the Xbox console — it also grants access to the same library on PC, as well as exclusive discounts on any games you want to keep. This library often includes titles the day they launch, too, including Age of Empires 4, Forza Horizon 5, and — soon — Halo Infinite.

If you’re in the market for an Oculus Quest 2, you’ll know that there aren’t many price breaks for this hardware. However, many retailers, GameStop included, are currently including a $50 gift card with your purchase. This credit can’t be applied toward your purchase of this VR headset but is essentially a $50 rebate you can use toward future purchases. In her review, Adi Robertson called the Quest 2 “the new default for VR.”

Video game deals

While GameStop has discounted tons of games, the biggest deal here has to be the price break on first-party Nintendo titles. Games from the Zelda or Mario franchises are rarely available for less than full price. What’s even better is this deal extends to digital downloads of these games, so you can get them right away. There is also a solid assortment of Xbox and PlayStation titles available at a deep discount. We’ve put together a few highlights for each platform below, as well as what version the discount applies to. We’ve only listed prices for new versions of these titles; however, you can often save a little more if you choose to buy preowned.

Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5

  • Guardians of the Galaxy is $27 (physical): This superhero hit from the devs at Square Enix allows you to take control of Starlord and Co. in an adventure that has better writing than the last two Marvel movies. And no, Chris Pratt isn’t wasn’t invited. Read our full review.
  • Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is $50 (physical): Perhaps the best showcase of why you should own a PlayStation 5, this action-platformer is incredibly fun and will have you saying, “How did they do that?” Read our full review.
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut is $50 (physical): This artistic marvel borrows heavily from the works of Kurosawa, and is a romantic take of feudal Japanese culture. Honestly, this game is worth it just for the photo mode. Read our full review.
  • Watch Dogs: Legion is $14 (physical): The biggest and arguably best entry in the Watch Dogs franchise has you building your own custom band of recruited misfits. Everyone from construction workers to grandmas are potential allies in your fight to liberate London.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales is $30 (physical): An awesome sequel and a technical marvel, your friendly neighborhood web-slinger never looked quite this good. Read our review.

Xbox Series X/S

  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is $19 (digital): The Assassin’s Creed series has had its ups and downs, but the Norse-flavored Valhalla is a spectacular entry in this open-world franchise.
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is $26 (digital): The value of this collection can’t be overstated. Even with Halo Infinite right around the corner, there’s little reason not to pick up this collection of six Halo titles.
  • Far Cry 6 is $40 (digital): The latest installment of the Far Cry franchise is worth picking up for Giancarlo Esposito’s presence alone.
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is $28 (digital): If you’ve never experienced the Mass Effect franchise, we forgive you. If you haven’t, however, you can still pick up this repackaged collection, which contains an optimized version of the original trilogy and its DLC.

Accessory deals

GameStop is also discounting tons of great peripherals from big names like Razer and Logitech. Whether you need a new keyboard, mouse, or headset, there are several great deals here that are the lowest prices we’ve seen. Again, GameStop does offer some of these models preowned, which can save you a little more, but we’ve linked exclusively to new models with the appropriate pricing info.

Keyboard deals

Razer Huntsman Mini

The Huntsman Mini is Razer’s first 60 percent keyboard. It doesn’t feature a numpad or dedicated media controls, but it’s a very compact model that won’t take up much space on your desk.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL

This scaled-down version of the G915 uses a tenkeyless design, ditching the number pad but keeping the same low-profile silhouette and wireless connectivity. The G915 TKL can be equipped with clicky, linear, or tactile switches and features RGB backlighting.

Mice deals

Logitech G305 Lightspeed

The Logitech G305 Lightspeed is a wireless mouse with flair. This vibrant mouse features six programmable buttons and a 12K DPI sensor. The G305 is also available in a variety of colorways and is capable of lasting for up to 240 hours with a single AA battery.

Headset deals

Razer Barracuda X

Razer’s latest gaming headset, the Barracuda X, normally costs $100 and ships with a USB-C audio transmitter. This makes it an easy choice if you game primarily on the go with a Nintendo Switch or if you have a PS5. It’s also compatible with other platforms via the included USB-A adapter.

Razer BlackShark V2

The Razer BlackShark V2 is a runner-up in our guide to the best gaming headsets. It’s compatible with PCs outfitted with a 3.5mm port, or using the included USB sound card, as well as consoles and controllers that feature a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • A great Xbox-specific wireless gaming headset, the Razer Kaira is compatible natively with the Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One. However, its Bluetooth functionality also makes it easy to connect the headset with your phone, tablet, or laptop. It normally retails for $100 but has been discounted to $70 at GameStop.
  • The colorful Logitech G335 wired headset is available in black and teal colorways for $50 at GameStop, $30 off the regular MSRP.

Controller deals

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