Nebraska lawmakers to debate permitless concealed carry bill

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A bill that would let most people carry a concealed handgun in Nebraska without a permit is now set for debate in the Legislature.

Lawmakers voted, 30-12, on Tuesday to pull the measure out of the left-leaning Judiciary Committee where it had stalled. Lawmakers are scheduled to debate it Thursday.

Opponents argued that forcing the bill out of committee would undermine the process that relies on committees to vet proposals before they’re debated in the full Legislature. Supporters said the guns measure enjoys strong public support in Nebraska, and argued that the rule that allows lawmakers to pull bills out of committee exists for a reason.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Brewer, of Gordon, an outspoken gun-rights supporter.

The measure would apply to residents and non-residents. People who are legally prohibited from possessing dangerous weapons could still be charged with carrying a concealed weapon. The bill would also bar people from carrying concealed weapons while committing crimes such as murder, robbery, arson and other offenses.

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