Testrite Tables Turn Heads

Hackensack, NJ, January 01, 2022 –(PR.com)– Testrite is turning the tables on tables, and turning heads in the process.

Testrite, a US Manufacturer since 1919, manufactures custom tables and table parts. They’ve recently begun marketing these projects which were kept quiet and secret for the last few decades.

“We realized that while we specialize in light wall aluminum tubing, the market again and again has asked us to make tables,” says Jeffrey Rubin, President. “We are uniquely positioned to make tables and table components that bring something unique and different to the marketplace, whether it’s for a beauty brand doing in store beauty consultations, an entrepreneur designing a new table for a market segment that needs legs that fold up, telescope, or fold in half, or an artist looking to do a unique Made in America table.”

Testrite has brought all of it’s experience manufacturing tables together in one place, launching new videos and a website page dedicated to custom tables and table parts. Testrite offers complete tables and custom table legs and table parts starting at quantity 25+.

Testrite is known as an industry leader in the visual display industry, specializing in displays that integrate graphics, turning stands or displays into eye-catching marketing pieces.

Testrite can pair it’s specialty in telescopic tubing with custom made in house steel bracketry, as well as aluminum, steel, plastic, or wood countertops. One unique product includes membrane pressed wood countertops which are available in 3D surface finishes that replicate stained wood, marble and other styles. These help eliminate the issues that stem from edge banding

Testrite tables and table parts are made-to-order for the customer with a quick turnaround time. Testrite can accommodate small orders of 25 tables or more from a US based Manufacturing facility with means a shorter lead time, faster shipping and greener supply chain, with less risk of disruption.

Testrite is working with manufacturers, the food and beverage industry, retail industry and designers to create well-built convertible table option and table parts. Learn more, visit the blog, or order direct from the Testrite website today at www.testrite.com.

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