Trigun Creator Hypes New Trigun Stampede Anime

Trigun is finally coming back with a new anime series after over two decades, and the original creator behind the series is sharing their hype for the upcoming Trigun Stampede. With the original anime series and feature film bringing the manga to life in their own way, there has been a lot of mystery as to what to expect from this new fully CG animated take on the franchise from Studio Orange, the production studio behind Beastars, Land of the Lustrous and more. But fans in attendance during Anime Expo over the holiday weekend got some crucial new details about its development process. 

Taking the stage during the convention to share the first concrete look at Trigun Stampede as it gears up for its release next year, original series creator Yasuhiro Nightow (via press release) hyped up the release of the new anime even more as the creator teases that this will be a completely new take on the classic story that’s very much still in line with the heart of that original. In fact, according to the creator the series isn’t coming back, but instead “coming” in our immediate future. 

(Photo: Orange)

“TRIGUN STAMPEDE. Trigun is coming. Not ‘coming back.’ It’s ‘coming.,” Nightow began. “The typhoon that started 25 years ago never disappeared. Biding its time as a calm wind, it met with a young singularity and became a whirlwind. After an enormous amount of analysis, restructuring, renovation and amplification, it has grown into a tornado with coiled up energy that’s off the chart.” Nightow then continued to hype up how much has changed from the original, but also remained the same at its core due to the work of the staff

“Finally, the time has come. Finally, I can slam this beast on you,” Nightow continued. “You will witness vividly new, yet an unmistakably recognizable Trigun. Trigun will always be Trigun, no matter how much you rework on it. Perhaps it’s because the staff understands and protects what’s at the core of this work. I’m proud of this tenacious work, if I do say so myself. Are you ready? Hang on tight, friends. Brace yourselves for Stampede.”


We’ll see how this all shakes out as Trigun Stampede is currently on track for a release some time next year, and will be streaming with Crunchyroll when it launches. How are you feeling about this new take on Trigun so far? What are you hoping to see go down in Trigun Stampede? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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