Zelensky In Address To Norwegian Parliament Asked For More Weapons

On Wednesday, Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President asked for more weapons and also request Europe to close its sea ports to Russia in an address to the Norwegian Parliament.

In his address, the Ukraine’s President asked for the Harpoon rockets, anti-ship missiles, anti-tank guns. anti-air missile systems.

Zelensky said:

“All weapons you can help us with will be used only to protect our freedom, your freedom”

Zelensky said Russia is blocking Ukraine’s sea ports, amounting to piracy.

In addition to this the Voolodymyr Zelensky said:

“Russia should not be able to use the world ports freely. This is a matter of global maritime security,”

Furthemore, he warned, and said:

“The future of the complete continent from north to south, from east to west is being decided now in Ukraine”

The Russia and Ukraine agreed on the three evacuation corridors for the departure of civilians and for the humanitarian aid. On the other side, the Human Right watch said that Russia used banned landmines during its fight in Ukraine.

Yesterday, the talks between Russia and Ukraine held in Istanbul and there may be a chance of meeting between Zelensky and Putin for the discussion of some significant points.